Huntizzy returns with a brand new EP as he shows you why he's one of the UK's best storytellers in "Same New Story". The North London artist has a versatile style but here he makes it known that the pictures he paints with words creates movie-like scenes. 

Same New Story is themed around a troubled teen that grows and learns the consequences of living a life of crime and violence. This is a common scenario for a lot of young people all over the world, we see it on the news everyday. Although, most opinions in the media label them as savages and any negative title under the sun but Huntizzy breaks down the issues with knowledge and wisdom.

The EP starts with the Proctor Productions produced "History". Huntizzy takes a personal approach on his upbringing. Here he lets you know he can relate to the tales he's about to tell you about in the Same New Story trilogy. 

Same New Story Part 1 features Spyda on the hook. The story begins with a young teenager who seemed doomed from day 1. "He don't listen to his parents, from young it was Chief Keef that prepared him". This is the harsh reality of kids today. The 2nd verse sees him at the age of 16 and moved to a new area, where trouble arrived. Huntizzy believes he should've "stuck to the plan".

Going over JM On The Beats instrumental, jail is where the young man ends up after the trouble he got into during part 1. Being behind bars is an important theme in this EP as Huntizzy as he breaks down he mental challenges one has to go through whilst locked up. Same New Story Part 2 addresses how it was damaging the young man's relationship with his partner and Same New Story Part 3 is where he starts to understand why he has to change his ways. 

Throughout the story, you hear Huntizzy talk about "The Plan" a lot. If the main character in the script stuck to the plan, he wouldn't be in the mess he's in but what is the plan? This is where Huntizzy offers his wisdom, as he speaks from experience with Bernice on the chorus. "Nah it weren't the plan but I still went and caught that case". The plan seems to be based around being productive and proactive "Got to use your brain, got to act dumb to catch wise"... "My Plan is to grab slice". 

There are also bars in abundance in Same New Story! Huntizzy and Propane in Broken Clock is a deadly combination "It was shmurda but that burner by your vehicle, that boy caught a body bout a week ago". And the world play for Metaphor is a lot to take in "I take the bull by the horns but I ain't Spanish yo, trying to sidestep my talent, like it don't matter-dor".

In all, Same New Story is a brilliant display of storytelling but it's deeper than just words. It addresses real life issues with wise words of how to avoid these scenarios. With the addition of bars and hooks from the likes. of Propane and Bernice, you can't go wrong with a purchase.

Same New Story will be available on iTunes on February 27th


1. History prod. by @proctorpro
2. Same New Story Pt. 1 ft. @spyda_official prod. by @jmbeatsuk
3. Same New Story Pt. 2 prod. by @jmbeatsuk
4. Same New Story Part 3 ft. @hippyjai prod. by @ftuniverse
5. Broken Clock ft. @officialpropane prod. by @cracz1
6. The Plan ft. @bstarsounds prod. by @raymanbeats
7. Metaphor prod. by @Tito_muzik

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