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Liverpool's R&B starlet, Tayá, graced London's Thousand Island for her first ever headline show! Grime Culture experienced the talent first hand and got the chance for a chat.

The 18 year old hit the stage with confidence and let her voice do the talking. Companied by two back up singers, pianist, drummer and two dancers, Atlantic Record's young signee did not disappoint. Check out our one to one talk with the rising star below.

Grime Culture: Is this your first headline show?

Tayá: Yes! This is my first ever headline show! It's so nerve wrecking. I can tell when I'm nervous because I haven't eaten anything all day because I'm so scared (laughs). But I've just done soundcheck and I think it's gonna go well.

GC: So how many shows have you actually done?

T: I've been gigging since I was 13. You know like little bars or parties, I've done hundreds of little-tiny ones and I've done a few support gigs here and there but nothing to a scale where there's production.

GC: What's been your biggest crowd?

T: Biggest crowd? I've done Koko in Camden, I don't know how big the crowd actually is there!

GC: How long have you been an artist?

T: I've sang my whole life, I feel like everyone sings when they're young in the shower or in the car but I use to go to a little singing club, like a youth choir when I was in school, when I was about 11 or 12. When I was 12 my manager, who's now my manager, use to come down to the choir and listen to a few people, like me, so I signed my management deal when I was about 15.

GC: Was it difficult making R&B being from Liverpool

T: I never really thought about it like that because I always loved R&B so everything I would listen to would be R&B or Soul artists so that's all I've ever really wanted to do! Being from Liverpool is a bit tricky because Liverpool is kind of known for Indie music and bands but there is a little R&B scene bubbling in Liverpool. A few people are coming through so I think I was lucky, kind of, it's the right time.

GC: How did you sign with Atlantic?

T: Basically, I had been working with my manager since I was 13. We had just come to London during the school holidays and the weekends, working and making music then going back to school and meeting more people. I think it was just the more people I was working with, people started hearing my name. When I was 16, I had just done my GCSE's and was about to leave school and a few labels were offering to sign me and a week after I left school I signed to Atlantic.

GC: So you must've been a bit famous!

T: (Laughs) In Liverpool? No! I think everyone knows that I sing because there's not many people from Liverpool that sing R&B and come to London so I don't think I'm famous just yet!

GC: Who were you influences?

T: I've had loads of influences over the years. When I was young and Dream Girls came out, I was OBSESSED with the film! I would go home everyday to watch it after school, without fail. Like Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce but that's most people's influences. They were two big ones but with the R&B scene, I would say it was more... I love Ashanti, I love JoJo since I was young and Ciara. And Aaliyah!

GC: You dropped your EP right? What's the reception been like?

T: Obviously I like the songs so no matter what people say, I'm going to like them. I do get a bit scared because obviously you want people to enjoy your music but I haven't had any bad trolls or any people that dislike it because I think people have been waiting so long for me to drop stuff and they're really happy that I have so I'm over the moon!

GC: Was that your first EP?

T: Yeah! My first EP ever. I've been going for years since I was young, just working, working, working but I'm happy I waited so long to release stuff because the songs that I've released, I'm so proud and so happy with and I wouldn't want to change them. So I'd rather do that and wait then release stuff for the sake of it!

GC: How did the song with Young Bxne come about?

T: So basically, I finished writing When Ur Sober without Bxne's verse in and were just gonna run with that and Bxne  and I was in talks with trying to get him so they were like "Play the song, let's see what he thinks." So whilst that was happening, he played the song for someone else and loved it and was like "Oh my god this sounds sick!" We both wanted to work with each other so he recorded the verse and sent it through and I was so happy with the first draft, I was like "Don't change anything!"

GC: And what's next for you?

T: Well obviously the headline show tonight is a big deal but short term, I've got a few supporting shows coming up. I'm supporting Astrid S on her European tour and I'm supporting Zara Larsson on some of her dates and that's exciting. But long term, I'm just working towards the album and singles.

GC: What's the album called?

T: I haven't got a name for the album yet, no it's an exclusive1 (Laughs) But yeah I'm definitely working towards the album.

Listen and download Tayá's debut EP: Tayá below

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