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BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Nick Bright this morning revealed the 10 UK acts and artists from the world of black music that 1Xtra predict to be big on the scene over the next twelve months, in the station’s annual Hot For 2018 list compiled by 1Xtra DJs and staff.

Making the line-up is:

  • Fredo
  • Hardy Caprio
  • Kojo Funds
  • Lotto Boyzz
  • Mahalia
  • Not3s
  • One Acen
  • Young T and Bugsey
  • Yxng Bane
Monday evening will see DJ Target host a special 1Xtra Hot For 2018 party in his show featuring interviews and exclusive tracks from some of the Hot For 2018 artists.
“Music is changing my life for the better and I can't explain how grateful and shocking it is, thank you to 1Xtra for making 2018 so exciting from the start.” - Fredo
“It’s great to be a part of such a feature by such a quintessential platform in the scene.” - Hardy Caprio
“Big up 1Xtra for the recognition and listing, the support from radio has been great and I’m looking forward to a sick 2018!”IAMDDB
“Great to be tipped for 2018, Big up 1Xtra 10 times.” - Kojo Funds
“The humbling feeling knowing our Afrobbean sound’s been recognised and we as the face of the newly found genre have been picked amongst the very few to be in the list for BBC 1Xtra Hot For 2018. Over the years only the very best have been able to make this list so to have a magnificent station such as BBC 1Xtra select us, is just extremely phenomenal and humbling.” - Lotto Boyzz
“Ah man I’m so happy to be included in 1Xtra's Hot For 2018 list!!! Thank you to you guys (1Xtra) for the continuous support. 2018 is gonna be crazy.”Mahalia
"I feel great and I truly am grateful for being included. Thanks to 1Xtra for everything" Not3s
“Feels good to be recognised and hand picked out of so many different artists in the UK scene right now.”One Acen
“We're grateful to 1Xtra for the support they've shown us in 2017 and thankful for being included in the Hot For 2018 list, being tipped by such an authority in UK black music gives us an extra boost and confidence to continue on our journey.”Young T and Bugsey
“It's a great feeling knowing that the work I've put is recognised and acknowledged by such an establishment as BBC 1Xtra - a station that I've literally grown up listening to all my life. Being picked as Hot For 2018 is massive motivation and reassurance for me that I'm doing the right thing.” - Yxng Bane
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