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DJ Spoony, one of the original and most respected pioneers of the UK Garage scene, has joined forces with the 36-piece Ignition Orchestra to bring you an unmissable night of the biggest UK garage hits like you’ve never heard them before.

The performance does exactly what it says on the tin...Spoony the curator and presenter of the event, alongside Composer and Conductor Katie Chatburn, have put together 20 of the biggest and most iconic Garage anthems, stripped back and performed live with the original vocalists.

Classic hits such including ‘Do You Really Like It?’, ‘Please Don’t Turn Me On’, ‘The Things We Do For Love’, ‘Call It Fate’, ‘Sincere’, ‘Crazy Love’ and many more will be performed on stage at London’s Barbican on the 21st July. The 1943 seater ‘Concert Hall’ will be the perfect setting to bring to life all the memorable records that have kept the genre a mainstay in the UK Underground and mainstream music scene for the past 25 years.

Garage Classical will be hosted by DJ Spoony, one of the founding fathers and instrumental players in a movement that defined a generation. This was something he had wanted to do for a long time having heard several orchestral performances of dance music, and drawing on his vast knowledge and respected status within the scene, Spoony was able to bring together the original singers, producers and MC’s behind the tracks and get them on board with the event.  

He then began the complicated process of curating the playlist and deciding which tracks would work best with the orchestral reinterpretation. “There are literally thousands of garage tracks out there,” said Spoony, “but the most important thing for me was choosing those that would sound absolutely brilliant when performed by an orchestra. I also really wanted the original vocalists to stand up there on stage and perform alongside them.”

The first Garage Classical night was premiered in 2017 at LIMF and was a highlight of the festival but Spoony’s idea was always to bring it to London, the birthplace of UK Garage. “It’s so special to be holding this at the Barbican,” he said. “A world famous music venue and one that I used to visit as a child having been involved with music at school. From being this little idea to now see it all coming to fruition, it’s really exciting.

The aim of “Garage Classical” is to put on the most bespoke event ever put on for the genre, with the stars and the unsung heroes being represented throughout.

Tickets go on sale on to Barbican members on Thursday 8th February and on general sale on Friday 9th February from here.

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