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Fast-rising independent UK artist Fabian Secon has revealed latest single “Nowhere”, his first release of 2018.
"No matter the pain I'm feeling, I'll keep fighting, ain't going nowhere", Fabian can be heard lamenting on "Nowhere". He says, “The song has an aggressive rocky trap sound. It's about not giving up and not lying down to die, no matter what you've been through. It has quite a rebellious feel too.” 

“Nowhere” aims to continue the momentum Fabian has gained over the past year with a string of successful and critically acclaimed releases that have helped establish a growing fan base for the unsigned artist based primarily on word of mouth. Previous releases include “Defeated” and “Teenage Love”, as well as collaborations with Kai-A (Five 45 A.M), House of Pharaohs (“Pull Up”)Geovarn(“Tell Me”) and 5ive Beatz (Until We Meet Again EP), all helping Fabian to surpass well over half a million streams on SoundCloud. There are more collaborations in the vault too with the likes of NygeAJ TraceyNoah Carter and TayĆ”, further solidifying Fabian’s place at the forefront of the UK’s revitalised urban music scene.

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